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Not everyone can afford expensive coachings and test series. Our aim is to spread knowledge and guidance that is required to crack this exam.

There is a plethora of books, websites, and magazines available in the market. Hence, there is no dearth of information. But not every information is needed to be absorbed. That is the┬ámistake rookies make when starting the preparation. They buy 4-5 books for each topic, they read 2-3 magazines and 2-3 newspapers. This creates the problem of ‘information overload’, hence affecting the final outcome.

Another mistake people make is giving the wrong weight to the papers. Students give most weight to GS 2 and GS 3, even at the cost of ignoring their optional. They read newspapers, magazines, government reports, and what not. But the truth is after giving so much effort for these two papers, the max that you can score is 250/500. (Note: Even this is highly unrealistic).

Whereas putting same efforts in your optional, GS 1 and GS 4 and Essay, you can be certain of finding your name in the ‘PDF’.

Hence, it is clear that proper guidance is required so that you work in the right direction, put efforts into right things.

We aim at providing guidance to all the students so that they do not make the same mistakes that we made. All our initiatives are completely free. You can mail us any of your query at ( We would be more than happy to help you.