The Civil Service Preliminary Examination has the highest luck factor among all the three stages of the examination. One wrong answer can make you wait for one whole year. The brutal competition – Out of 10,00,000 only 15,000 are selected makes the prelim stage even more important and difficult.

Booklist for Prelim exam: 

Here are some of the important things that you have to keep in when preparing for the prelim examination.

  1. Devote at least 2 months especially for prelims: By this, we don’t mean that you should start preparing for prelims 2 months before the exams. Ideally, you should start your preparation one year before the prelim exam. But initially, you have to prepare for mains plus prelims combined. Once only two months are left prepare only for prelims.
  2. Minimum resources: You HAVE TO keep your booklist concise. This will enable you to revise the study material multiple times. If you have read the study material only once or twice you can rest assured of not clearing the prelims. Do not fall for new books that come to market, just stick to the tried and tested booklist and keep on revising them.
  3. Maximum Revision: If you want to learn only one thing from this article it should this. Revision is the key to clear this stage. You have to revise each book and notes of yours at least five times. Even more would be a plus. To make this possible you have to keep your resources limit.
  4. Take mock tests: If you are first timer mock tests are very important. You can take any institutes mock tests. If you cannot afford them, just download them online or buy from the market. You then have to attempt at least 30 mock tests. But your job is not done yet. You have to then analyze the test. Know what mistakes are you making. Know your weak areas.
  5. You have to revise the solutions to the mock tests at least 3 times. There cannot be a greater sin than getting a question wrong that was there in the test series.
  6. Solve past year papers: Solving past year papers of CSE, CDA, CAPF will give an idea of the changing pattern of the examination. You will also get to know which areas are getting more questions. Also, few questions are repeated from last year papers hence it is important to revise them as well.
  7. Connecting the dots: You should develop the habit of connecting the recent issues with the theoretical concept. For example, Adhaar Bill was passed as money bill in the Parliament. So then, you should know what article of the Constitution contains provisions for the Money Bill (Article 110), what is the speaker’s power in case of Money Bill, What is President’s power, etc. You have to develop the habit of linking the current affairs with the book knowledge.
  8. Current Affairs: You should read one newspaper (The Hindu or The Indian Express). This is will help not only in your current affairs but also in the CSAT part in the reading comprehension.
  9. Notes Making: To revise the current affairs you have to maintain notes. This is very important as it is impossible to revise current affairs without having notes. Make your own notes instead of relying on coaching booklets. When you are making your own notes you internalize the knowledge and which helps in better recall. You can make notes in a notebook or online as per your convenience.
  10. PGP and DNA: Lastly, you should also refer to our Prelim Guidance Program and Daily News Analysis. We cover all the current affairs from various sources. The PGP program is specially programmed for helping you clear prelims.

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